Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Arbortech Staff Woodworking Competition 2013 - THE WINNERS

As you may have read from our previous blog post, Arbortech celebrated 25 years in business this year on June 30th by hosting a anniversary party which one of the event's highlights was the staff woodworking competition. 

Last year we ran an Arbortech staff woodworking competition for the first time and the woodworking projects that were submitted showed us that our staff are quite the wood artists!  Click here to see last year's woodworking project submissions by our staff.

This year's woodworking project entries were just as fantastic and it's great to see the woodworking skills of our staff have improved and they have gone on to create more fabulous woodworking pieces. 

The winning woodworking project were awarded prizes in the categories of; 
  • People's Choice 
  • Most Practical 
  • Best Project Plan
  • Best Novice 
Drumroll please....here are the winning staff woodworking projects for 2013. 

Winner "People's Choice" 
This piece represented the project that received the most votes at the show. This is a chip and dip bowl which Junior spontaneously thought up when the woodworking competition was announced. 

The "One"
Created by: Junior Linke (Manufacturing Team) 
Wood used: Olive wood 
Arbortech tools used: TURBOPlane, Mini-TURBO, Mini-Sander extension and chainsaw


Junior hard at work on his project

Carving and shaping

Winner "Most Practical" 
For the second year in a row, Bela has reclaimed the title for the "Most Practical" project. The "Souper Ladle" is now a permanent kitchen utensil in Bela's household. 

"Souper Ladle"
Created by: Bela Inkster (Graphic Designer) 
Wood used: Olive wood and Jarrah
Arbortech tools used: Mini-TURBO, bandsaw, olive oil finish 

"Souper Ladle"

Bela at the beginning stages of his project

Winner "Best Project Plan" 
For the second year in a row, Sven has won a prize in the woodworking competition. Last year he won the "Best In Show" title for his "Contemplation Bench" and this year still a winner, won the "Best Project Plan" category for his well documented project plan of his Sculpted Coffee Table. 

"Sculpted Coffee Table"
Created by: Sven Blicks (General Manager) 
Wood used: Jarrah board and Karri, sourced from a salvage yard.
Arbortech tools used: TURBOPlane, Mini-Grinder, Mini-Grinder, bandsaw 

"Sculpted Coffee Table" with removable top

Weekend project - Sven working on his woodworking project

Sculpted coffee table work in progress

Winner "Best Novice" 
This is Ismail's first woodworking project and everyone was impressed with what was produced from a novice woodworker. 

Created by: Ismail Amat (Manufacturing Team) 
Wood used: Pine wood
Arbortech tools used: Power Chisel, Mini-Sander

"Fish" leaf like motif carving

Congratulations to Junior, Bela, Sven and Ismail on your woodworking project win!

What are your thoughts on the winning projects? We'd love to hear your comments and thoughts! Please leave your commentary below in the comments section.


  1. Great projects! I especially like 'fish', would love it on a large scale as a headboard behind my bed!

    1. Thanks for your comment Rachel. This piece is very good, done by a novice too.
      Perhaps you can try something like this? It would look pretty spectacular as a headboard. Great thinking!

  2. Nice stuff. Good to see your employees using your products - that doesn't happen often enough in many companies these days. Cheers

    1. Thanks for your comment Rick.
      Yes we really do encourage our staff to get hands on with our tools. A lot of our staff have previously never used any power tools let alone Arbortech tools or have done any woodworking before and it is great to see the type of work they can produce from using the tools. As you know our tools are very safe and easy to use such as the Power Chisel, being perfect for beginners and of course there are the tools for the more advanced woodworker.
      The aim of the competition was to encourage staff to get their hands on Arbortech tools as well as promote team spirit.
      All in all, it was a fantastic experience and event!

  3. just wonderful work each one is original and the wood speaks for its self,I am a carver too so I see the Art and work what went into each piece ,thanks for showing
    Alice Kummer

  4. I've learned something new coming from you and I agree with that in your details mentioned. Big thanks!

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