Thursday, July 18, 2013

Arbortech Staff Woodworking Competition 2013

In our previous blog post we featured the Arbortech staff woodworking competition winners
If you missed our previous blog post on the competition winners you can check it out here

We had some great submissions from our staff and we'd like to share these projects with you to showcase their fantastic work. Check out the woodworking projects below. 

Plywood Cluster Table
This table will be one of six, creating a cluster table. 
Created by: Kevin Inkster (CEO)
Wood used: Plywood Cluster Table
Arbortech tools used: TURBOPlane, Mini-TURBO

Kevin at work on his cluster table

Myrtle Turtle 
Created by: Kristine Inkster (Executive Director)
Wood used: Queensland Myrtle wood
Arbortech tools used: Power Chisel, Mini-TURBO, Mini-Sander, Arboroil

Myrtle Turtle

Kristine carving the details on the turtle

Celtic Door

Created by: Matthew Cormack (R&D)
Wood used: Pine wood
Arbortech tools used: Power Chisel, Mini-Grinder, Mini Carver, Mini-Sanders

Celtic Door was milled to size and doweled

Perth Skyline

Created by: Nora Redzwan (Sales)
Wood used: Camphor wood
Arbortech tools used: TURBOPlane, Mini-Grinder, Power Chisel, Sanding Kit, Arboroil

Representation of Perth Skyline

My Grand Daughter's Clock

A photo calendar with monthly and yearly photos were inserted into round pockets into their appropriate location. A clock was mounted, chiselled letters and the face of Peter's grand-daughter were inscribed. 
Created by: Peter Tashjian (Production)
Arbortech tools used: Power Chisel, Mini-TURBO, Mini-Grinder, Mini Sander

Peter's clock for his grand-daughter

Created by: Steve Marsh (Finance Dept) 
Wood used: Pine wood
Arbortech tools used: Mini-Carver, Mini Sanders, Mini-TURBO, Bora

"Stretch" giraffe

The Golden Dragon

Created by: Barry Fitzpatrick (Production)
Wood used: Jarrah
Arbortech tools used: Power Chisel

Using the Power Chisel to carve out the dragon 

Stool With Sad Face

Created by: Rocky Xu (R&D)
Wood used: Pine wood
Arbortech tools used: Mini-TURBO, Mini Sanders

Carving from the wood using the Mini-TURBO

Pagan Cross

Created by: Bill Ginn (Manufacturing Team)
Wood used: CurlyJarrah
Arbortech tools used: Mini-Grinder, Power Chisel 

Using the Power Chisel to carve out the cross

Live, Love, Laugh

Created by: Christine Taylor (Secretary)
Wood used: Sheoak
Arbortech tools used: Power Chisel

Christine's piece and message was inspired by Vicky Galbraith's attitude to life

Turbo Fossil
This was Peter's first time using the TURBOPlane and he said that "the TURBOPlane allowed me to express my creative desires in a way that gave me the freedom to explore different techniques, textures and shapes which were previously difficult to achieve. Whilst the convex of this piece invokes the observer to experience texture, shadow, form in contrast, the concave face offers the subtle qualities of colour and grain patterns. So it is with this sculpture I have looked at opposing surfaces, allowing a deeper appreciation of my creative process, the wonders of natural wood and the great tools to carve it with. 

Created by: Peter Godden (Arbortech shareholder)
Wood used: Sheoak
Arbortech tools used: TURBOPlane

Peter's first experience using the TURBOPlane and he loved it

We hope you have enjoyed viewing our staff competition woodworking projects and stirred some inspiration in you to use Arbortech tools to create some amazing woodworking projects and sculptures. 
What are your thoughts on our staff's woodworking projects? We'd love to hear from you! Please leave your comments below in the comments section. 


The public Woodworking Competition has been extended and closes on Monday 22nd July 2013 by 4.00pm WST. 
We are still accepting entries so please send through your entries by clicking here.  
Enter your woodworking project today for a chance to win a fantastic Arbortech tools pack up to the value of $1,000 AUD! 
For all competition details and entry forms please click here.
Best of luck!!


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  4. The convex in this piece invokes the observer experiencing texture, shadow, form in form a contrast, the concave face offers this subtle qualities of color in addition to grain patterns. So it has this sculpture I have checked opposing surfaces, allowing a greater appreciation of my creative practice, the wonders of natural wood along with the great tools to carve the item with.

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  10. Wow, fantastic woodwork ideas! I particularly love the clock, I thought it was so adorable I might make one for my Dad this Father's day.