Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Arbortech AS170 Masonry Saw: The Ultimate Tool For Tradies

Arbortech's AS170 brick + mortar saw is the ultimate tradesman's tool which is ideal for all masonry,. restoration and renovation jobs. This versatile and powerful tool has been featured in the latest issue (Jan/Feb '15) of BCM For Tradies magazine. Check out the articles and feature below! 
The AS170 comes with a variety of different blades for the various trade jobs.

The AS170 masonry saw is ideal for electricians, plumbers, masons, builders but it isn't just limited to these trades only. 

The AS170 named one of the top tools for 2015 in BCM For Tradies Magazine.
Yep, a serious tool for serious work!

Want to learn more about the Arbortech AS170 brick + mortar saw? Visit or watch the tool in action at the Arbortech Allsaw YouTube channel.

Got any questions? Want to request a tool demo of the tool? Email us here.

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