Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How To Clean Your Arbortech Contour Sander Pads With A Pencil Eraser

We have provided past methods of cleaning your Arbortech Contour Sander pads with acetone, cleaning spirits etc. Here is a new, quick and easy cleaning tip using a rubber eraser that will clean your pads in no time!

Kevin Inkster shows you how to clean the Contour Sander's adhesive rubber pads. As you know, the Contour Sander is ideal for sanding internal curves and contours utilizing adhesive backed sanding discs. We have received many questions as to why we opted for this method. The reason is simply because they follow the profile nicely and there isn't the associated problems experienced with the hook and loop method. 

Adhesive residue on the rubber pads
During continual QC testing, we discovered that when you are continually changing the adhesive discs, a certain amount of adhesive build up on the rubber pads. Where there is dust on the adhesive pads, it can prevent other discs from sticking properly so your discs tend to come off too easily. 

Previously Kevin recommended you simply wipe down the rubber pad using acetone, paint thinners or a rag but was a bit of a hassle because you would have to go get those materials if you didn't have it on hand. Since then Kevin found it is much more convenient to simply use your thumb by rubbing the adhesive disc; which is particularly good if it’s been warm from use. 

Rub the pad with your thumb
You can actually roll the adhesive off the discs and it will come off quite easily onto your fingers. This can be a convenient method some times however if too much adhesive builds up there is an alternative quick way to remove this adhesive residue. The new method is simply using a standard soft pencil rubber eraser.

 You need to put it into a vice and then you bring the Contour Sander pads into contact with the eraser while it is running and within a few seconds it will rub it off very quickly. When you are mounting the eraser into the vice, the trick is to mount it very low. If it is up too high it will simply vibrate when you bring the Arbortech Contour Sander into contact with it. Bring the eraser down low; almost level with the top of the vice because as you close the vice it will push above it and you will have a small mound of rubber. 

Now you simply take your Arbortech Contour Sander with the rubber pads that has residue on it and run it over the eraser. The rubber pulls the adhesive off the discs quite easily and leaves the rubber really nice and clean. If there is still adhesive on the pad, just repeat the process until you are satisfied with the end result of a clean pad. Now it is ideal for putting the discs back onto the adhesive pads and you're free to get back to your sanding job. 

Super clean rubber pad!
There you go folks, a new quick and easy way to clean your Arbortech Contour Sanding pads. Click on any of the images above to watch this tutorial tip on our YouTube Arbortech Woodworking Channel.

Try this simple tip of cleaning your Contour Sander pads and let us know by leaving a comment in the section below of how you found this new cleaning method. We would love to hear your thoughts!


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