Monday, February 16, 2015

How To Properly Fit Your TURBOPlane To Your Angle Grinder

The Arbortech TURBOPlane has been one of our best selling woodcarving blades since it was released in May 2012. Woodworkers from around the world have commented that this tool is one of their holy grail and favourite woodworking tools, helping them to make their woodworking projects so much easier and faster. 

The TURBOPlane is ideal for; 
  • Freehand power carving in soft and hard wood
  • Rapid sculpting, planing and trimming
  • Using on flat surfaces
  • Using on an angle it is ideal for free formed and convex and concaved shapes
Freehand power carving in hard
As with all tools, knowing the proper way to handle and use it will enable you to best utilize it's capabilities and make your work easier, be more efficient, safer and more enjoyable. The TURBOPlane is no doubt one of those woodworking tools that are relatively easy to use. We demonstrate the TURBOPlane a lot at woodworking show exhibitions we attend and people are amazed at what the tool can do and just how easy it is to use. Unfortunately we are limited to the shows for live demonstrations  so here is a quick step by step guide on how to properly fit your TURBOPlane to your Angle Grinder. 

STEP 1.  
 Always use the backing nut. Do NOT put blades or backing weathers directly on the spindle.

STEP 2. 

The plastic washer or the blade has to centre on the ridge of the backing nut. It will NOT centre on the spindle. 

Depending on the diameter or the ridge you will have to use the black or white backing washer. Push the washer down and make sure it centres on the ridge.

On smaller diameter ridges you may have to use the white washer first and then the black washer to further raise the blade.

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