Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Woodworking Project: Mustache Clock Using the Arbortech Power Chisel & Mini-TURBO

This nifty woodworking project, the mustache clock is a great to give as a gift or just displayed on your mantel, bookshelf or counter.

Time required: Approximately 2 hours

Arbortech tools required:
  • Power Chisel 
  • Woodcarver's Starter Kit 5 Chisel Pack
  • Mini-TURBO 

Wood used: old stair oak

Our woodworking dealer from Germany created this version of the mustache clock however written in German, we have translated to English in this blog post.

You can build very small or witty gifts with Arbortech tools. Here is the new hipster clock tinker itself. On this page you will find an instruction manual how to use less material and cost a great Mustache (Moustache) can build clock. The material used for the clock an old stair oak was used.

First, a mustache is printed glued to the wood pile and cut with a band saw. Of course you could also form the basis of a Wood Carver Rout, in our case, we have used a band saw.
The Mustache Dial 
The mini turbo kit we cut a rectangular hole in the fits the movement. It could use a template, since the recess is not visible later you can mill freehand them too. The front of the clock is also dealt with the mini turbo kit. Only the outer ends are thinner then cut the edges rounded off with the small Schnitzfr√§ser. If the shape of the timber profile of a mustache corresponds to it can be a bit sanded with coarse sandpaper. However, it should not be too smooth grind coarsely ground as it works better him. The Turbo Chisel and a 90 ° chisel from the 5-MultiPart chisel set then some grooves carved into his mustache. To set the clock to color wood stain color mahogany was used. After the stain dry the clock was once again sanded to obtain a Vinitage look.
The Movement
Finally, the movement is mounted. When you buy a clockwork it are the waves for the pointer as long as possible. Most of the dial thickness is specified in movements. The thicker it may remain the easier it is to produce. 
Click on the image below to watch the project video (please note: video is in German). 
German Video
 For the original video of this mustache clock project (and in English), below is Arbortech's video. 
English Version


  1. It is true that this nifty woodworking project, the mustache clock is a great to give as a gift or just displayed on our mantel, bookshelf or counter.


  2. It’s nice to see the video ! Thank you very much for the tutorial.

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  5. Looks great. I like this wooden DIY project very much. But I don't have the Power Chisel. Can I use the wood router for this project?

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  7. A funny but very interesting idea! Now I'm gonna make some big wooden mustaches for my own!

  8. It's so fun! But that is great idea. Thank you for sharing

  9. I've never seen same project before. So smart, It’s nice to see the video!

  10. That's a nice quirky woodworking project! I think this will make a fantastic gift idea for my Dad this Father's day!

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