Monday, September 7, 2015

Winners of the Arbortech Staff Woodworking competition 2015

Arbortech Staff Woodworking Competition 2015

Winner of the judging Panel Prize was won by Junior Linke (Blade supervisor) for his lamp which he  called "Natural Light".  Junior was inspired to make this after seeing a guy carve a cowboy hat  in the States while working at a Wood show.  He used a lovely Mallee Burl piece for the Shade which is a very hard West Australian wood and a piece of Olive wood for the base and centre pole.

Junior’s first step was to rough out the centre of the burl with the Turbo Plane checking the depth regularly so as not to go through.  Then sand the outside and Junior used the Contour Random Sander.  He then started planning down the piece of Olive wood to eventually make a cylinder for the stand which he then sanded.

Once he was happy with the thickness of the burl shade he used the TurboPlane to start taking the thickness down.  The best outcome would be to end up with a very thin layer of wood which will allow enough light to penetrate when illuminated.  

After sanding the inside of the shade, Junior then started work on the base of Olive wood.    He basically followed the shape of the wood using the Turbo Plane and TurboShaft before sanding off with the Contour Sander. You might also notice his very inventive way of holding the shade in place which was scraps of high density foam glued together with the basic shape left hollow and a great "clamp" for the shade.

He then used the Turboshaft for drilling a hole suitable for slotting in the stand.   Once he had done this, he glued the stand into the hole.  Before glueing he drilled a centre hole in the stand for the wiring and fitted the electrical fitting to the end.


  1. The Black japan runner up has class, unfortunately the lamp is kitch. The shade would have made a great bowl

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  3. Impressive! Cannot wait for the next idea. Given a free hand, no telling what you will create! The law of diminishing returns is at work here – new technology equates to startling new creations – old technology equates to few new creations.
    Kind regards

  4. Creative!Too creative!!
    It looks like a perfect work of art. I really admire those who work DIY projects. Thanks your post! I helps me to see what objects is great that wood bring to.

  5. That's definitely a quirky bedside lamp! I haven't done anything like it before and it is really nice to see these amazing woodworks of art!

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